I’m starting this blog as a way to document my journey into a more healthful version of my current self. I want to learn as much as I possibly can about Holistic Nutrition and slowly and permanently (hopefully) introduce a whole foods diet into my daily life. I’ve always been athletic and incredibly energetic but I’ve realized the last few years that the stress of work, a long distance relationship, my inability to afford (both the time and money) to continue with my studies, along with other things, has contributed to a huge drop in my energy level. This of course has led to a whole host of other problems, the biggest one being depression. When I’m depressed I either don’t eat (I lost 20 pounds in a month when it was at its worse), or I eat processed junk that then propels me even further into depression. Talk about a catch-22.

The American health care joke of a system severely let me down on numerous occasions. For instance, once when I had pneumonia I was basically left for dead and sent a bill totaling over a grand. Then when my depression was at its worse I was turned away by everyone for lack of funds. Services in the United States for people with mental illness are few and far between. Add in any sort of financial difficulty and the scarcity of services is rampant. I was officially diagnosed with depression at 19 and was prescribed many different antidepressants. The three antidepressants that I tried left me in a fog; there was a significant slow to my thought processes and a general lack of desire to do anything. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love learning, exploring, and just life in general. These medications took a huge part of me away. Natural living had always been an interest of mine but at this point it definitely became more imperative.

I’ve started this blog because I’ve really decided to prioritize my health, both mental and physical. Writing several times a week does wonders for accountability. Also, getting my story out there for others that might be experiencing similar struggles is important to me. Those of us with access to the Internet are incredibly privileged at the wealth of knowledge we have at our fingertips. It’s important to gain an eye for deciphering the crap from the credible when it comes to online sources. There are many vested interests in the food industry, so much that government positions actually get bought, and unhealthy, processed “foods” are widely promoted. Educating yourself and keeping a healthy bit of skepticism is amazingly empowering. And that’s really what this is all about. Day by day I’m going to find ways to improve the quality of my life via eating whole foods, implementing healthy ways of stress reduction, making fitness a daily enjoyment, and finding ways to soothe my body that don’t work against it. I hope to document that for myself, and for whomever else might benefit in this blog.

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