When I was a toddler my mom said I never learned to walk but instead went straight to running. A very lively story is told by my mother that involves a day we spent at Ogunquit Beach with some family friends when I was 4. Something caught my eye and I bolted. As one might imagine, summertime at Ogunquit Beach is incredibly busy. The beach walkway leads to a ton of shops which then opens to a huge parking lot that also serves as a busy stop for the trolleys. Naturally, the thing that caught my eye was all the way across the parking lot. My poor mother, heart surely racing, did her best chasing after me, but unfortunately she was no match for my tiny dodging frame and she ended up falling flat on her stomach. Mama bear instincts kicked in and she bellowed for anyone to “PLEASE, CATCH THAT CHILD!” I burst into giggles when I saw my mom laying foolishly on the ground but maintained my pace for the best game of tag I had yet to experience thus far. A man caught me just in time, most likely preventing an ugly clean up and I was swiftly returned to my embarrassed mother. Her embarrassment would soon become my embarrassment as every time I went to the beach after that I was required to literally wear a leash around my wrist made specifically for children.

The around the world leashing

Keep in mind the leash I had to wear was nowhere near as trendy as these kids’ harnesses.

Eventually I was taken off the leash and was able to put my running to good use with sports like soccer, track and basketball. As I got older and started doing sports year round, running became an everyday thing. During school holiday’s or summer’s off I’d run several miles throughout my neighborhood every day. Sometimes I’d take my greatest sidekick, my dog Molly, and other times I’d try to carry my cd player. Whenever I had the cd player I’d end up having to hold it steadily in front of my chest as if handing someone a plate of nachos, to prevent it from repeatedly skipping. I looked very fashionable.

Since graduating high school my life has been in a pretty constant state of motion which has made joining sports teams quite difficult. Running, something that used to be necessary for my mind to unwind and excess steam to be burnt, has actually gone incredibly far from my mind. Some of the jobs I’ve had have been incredibly taxing on the body and the last thing I would think about when I got home was going for a run. I’m currently taking a break from work and have decided to get back into running. Today I signed up for a 10km (~6.4miles). It’s not until November, which should give me plenty of time to heal from an injury I recently sustained and then start training. Deadlines are quite motivating. I’m going to look online for some good training programs and do my best to stick to them. Although it cost $35 which seems kind of silly for a running event that I could easily do for free it’s nice to have a deadline and to join in on a community event with a goal. Plus it’s for a good cause to raise money for a new mental health program starting up soon in the local area. My injury’s kind of had me down lately so signing up for this event has already made me feel pretty optimistic about things. The next step is getting to the point where I can train.

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