Rambling Sept 19th

I haven’t posted here in awhile but I’d like to make it a more regular thing. My back is recovering, but very slowly. Sitting still causes quite a lot of discomfort but the crunching feeling it used to cause has subsided. I’ve been stretching and doing a few exercises to strengthen my knee. I tried running and after 3k or so the pain in my right knee came back. I’m flat footed and the pronation this causes definitely contributed to the original injury to the knee and back on my hike so I’m working on getting some cheap insoles to correct that and an elastic knee brace. Here in Australia I’ve been paying $62 a week for top cover health insurance for a very specific reason which I’ll write about another time, so I’m really forcing myself to seek as much help in my recovery as I can. Seeing a podiatrist, osteopath, Bowen Therapist etc would not have been feasible in the United States. It’s nice that more alternative techniques are covered here.

While I walk all the time I am getting antsy to start running again as I’ve got about 8 weeks until the 10 km I signed up for. I’ve never run in a race over 5 km so I’ve been doing some reading on the best ways to train for this distance. I’m nearly through this book by women’s marathon world champion Paula Radcliffe and I’ve learned so much.


It’s incredibly informative without being overdone. It’s also incredibly approachable as she covers everything from your first 5km all the way to a fast competitive marathon. When I finish reading it I’m going to go through and sum up the parts that were the most helpful for me.

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