Why, don’t you look comfortable…

This post is in response to today’s Daily Prompt: New Sensation

Describe your favorite fashions from days of yore or current trends you think are stylin’.

My fashion has always been comfort. If I have freedom of motion for all limbs, easy access to areas I deem necessary, reinforced knees and elbows for maximum shelf life I’m a relatively happy camper. Throw in some stripes, pictures of dogs or a soccer quote and I’m feeling pretty confident in my ensemble. Nowadays I’m more likely to rock the t-shirts of my favorite band, a comfortable hoody, or a nice flannel, but I wasn’t always like that.

The entirety of my 4th grade year (1996) I rocked a soft white t-shirt that had a backdrop of teal with a dog’s butt and tail wagging. My entire chest was covered by this image, and yes it was just a dog’s butt. Underneath the image it said “Jerzees and puppy dog tails.” Complete with my bowl haircut this is what I wore for my school pictures that year.

If my mom finds herself a shirt that fits comfortably (quite rare with plus sized clothing for women), she buys the same shirt in all the colors that are offered. It is because of this that much of my elementary school years were spent in matching top and bottom sweat suit outfits. Mom always found seasonally appropriate turtle necks for me to wear underneath, such as ones covered with pumpkins for Halloween or candy canes for Christmas.

I went through a long fleece stage where every article of clothing except for my underwear was made of fleece. The overalls were also a favorite, with bonus points if they were corduroy. Depending on how much of a rebel I was feeling some days I’d wear the t-shirt over the overalls.

My socks had to be crew socks and my shoes were always tennie sneakers or what would now be referred to as high tops. When I was feeling spunky I’d go with those curly rainbow springy shoelaces, but usually I was just feeling lazy and went with velcro. Again, the easy access was very important to me.

In terms of comfortability, I really think 90’s kids won the award.



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