Top 5 places to travel

Taken on a trip to Tasmania

Taken on a trip to Tasmania

This is in response to the Daily Prompt: The Wanderer

Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit.

The United States is vast in landscapes, weather and people. I want to train hop with my bike. I want to hike the best parts of the Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide Trail. I want to hike the Colorado Trail, the Wonderland Trail, the 100 mile Wilderness, the John Muir Trail etc etc. The more I see the more this list will expand. I want to enjoy the food carts of Portland, Oregon, the beaches of Southern California, the music of Boston, Massachusetts. The people and stories that make up my homeland are always drawing me back.

2. Switzerland: I want to hike through the Swiss Alps, admire others yodeling, and just take in this picturesque place. They’re big on chocolate and cheese as am I, not sure what else matters.

3. New Zealand: I want to hike the North Island and then the South Island. Biking this would also be fine. There are so many hikes here my partner and I want to do. There are even huts set up along the way that backpacker’s can stay in. After a long day of hiking in one of the most beautiful places in the world it doesn’t get better than having a hut to crash the night in. I hear the locals are incredibly kind, welcoming, and good natured. While it’s the extreme sport capital, I’ll be very content just exploring the islands on foot.

4. Norway: My partner turned me on to Norway. I want to go here for lots of the same reasons; it’s the kind of place where the locals are likely to be avid outdoorspeople. There’s a camaraderie that comes with that. Again, some of the hikes here look spectacular, and you’re allowed to camp just about anywhere as long as you ask the owner’s permission.

5. Peru: I’d like to be a well seasoned traveler before I visit Peru. I’d want to explore as much on foot and bicycle as possible. I’d want to have my minimalism down to carrying everything in a medium sized backpack for this trip. I’d also want to stay here for a long time so that I can see what it might be like from the perspective of a local and not just a tourist.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 places to travel

  1. This is a great travel wishlist. We would like to go to all of these places, either for the first time or again because we loved them so much the first time. We hiked in the Cordilleras of Peru last summer and are hoping to backpack the JMT this summer (if we are lucky enough to get a permit). Slowly but surely, we hope to make it to all of these incredible locales!

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    • Wow! The Cordilleras look stunning. Good luck in getting that permit we understand that can be a bit difficult. The first trip I took with my partner (then friend) was a group trip for a couple days at Yosemite in the dead of winter. It’s a special place.


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