Getting back in the saddle

I’m very lucky to live in an area that has a bike path running right through it. My partner and I spent many hours biking 40km or so to a lake that we sometimes drive to to feed the ducks and just relax. On this particular day there was a kid racing around the grass on their motorbike; you’ve got to love the sounds of nature. There were also a bunch of old timers with their old fashioned cars parked anywhere but the parking lot. The rule in Australia is that you can only drive your old cars during the weekends, so we usually see them on the warm days. Nonetheless, it was a bit odd to see them parked up on the grassy hill and driving around the nature reserve, especially since the car parking lot was within 30 meters.

On the bike ride home we were stopped at a busy intersection waiting for the light when there was a commotion. A 30 something man pulled up behind a van in the turning lane, rolled down his window and screamed fbombs at the driver of the van. Screaming a slew of obscenities at someone usually doesn’t improve their performance. “Car drivers” I thought, shaking my head. As expected the older driver in the van looked frazzled. I had a thought that maybe hearing loss in the elderly is evolutionarily important in that it protects them from the crude sewage waste constantly spewing out of the younger generation.

The rest of our ride had fewer hysterics. We came upon a rude lyrca wearing family of 3, each with a $2000 bike who thought both lanes of the bike path were for them to walk. As if that’s not dumb enough they decided to do this at the bottom of a huge hill. Lucky for them my brakes worked better here than they did on the gravel last week:

Nonetheless, this family was quite annoying on the bike path; I’d hate to see what they were like in a car.


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