Another one kicks the bucket…


Friendly Beaches, Tasmania

This is in response to the Daily Prompt: Kick It

What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?

My bucket list is constantly evolving and is not in any particular order:

  • build a tiny house and/or an eco home (straw bale, adobe, earthship, rammed earth, cob etc)
  • travel for extended months with only a medium sized backpack
  • Bike across the U.S. with the help of amtrak
  • Bike from Canada to Mexico
  • complete or do the fun parts of a thru hike (PCT, CDT, AT, Te Aroroa in NZ)
  • Hike Colorado Trail, Wonderland Trail, John Muir Trail, Tahoe Rim Trail, the Long Trail, 100 mile Wilderness, Arizona Trail, Pacific Northwest Trail, Timberline Trail, Vancouver Island, etc
  • write a book
  • get a small patch of land and grow a food forest jam packed with such things as Nut Trees, Fruit Trees, Herbs, Heirlooms, Grains, Nitrogen Fixers, Berries, Bees
  • Become such a minimalist that I’m not buying anything new for years at a time
  • Reduce my needs substantially so that the money I need is small and I can focus on doing things other than paid work such as, volunteer, hiking, biking, music, reading, writing, photography, building etc
  • Become certified in holistic nutrition
  • Adopt a dog or two
  • Become involved in the local politic scene to help enact positive change within my community including such things as, land conservation, recycling, health care, living wage, anti-gentrification policies, access to resources for the homeless, animal rights, making streets more bikeable, food forests instead of food deserts, sustainable public transport, anti gun laws, more inclusive elderly services and antiscam laws, etc

4 thoughts on “Another one kicks the bucket…

    • Thank you very much. You are absolutely right; I would feel very privileged if I were able to complete even half of these treks. Some of the things that have stuck with me the most are volunteering experiences. You think you’re helping others; however, more often than not you end up getting a tremendous amount of perspective out of it! That’s not something you can be taught in school.


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