What a bore…

This is in response to the Daily Prompt : ( YAWN )

What bores you?

I am bored by a great many things. Sexism, racism, classism; I get bored by how similar they all are yet people can’t see the connections. Kind of like how all major religions tell a story that is one big plagiarism of another yet still pride themselves on being at the top of the pack. Stuff like that makes me snooze. And don’t get me started on how doubly boring double standards are. The whole slut versus stud dichotomy draws a few yawns every time. I find it boring when asked what kind of music people like and they say “everything” without being able to name one thing. When someone says that to me I just assume they listen to the top 10 songs regurgitated over popular radio stations and that’s it.

I find the media in general to be insanely boring as it falls back on the same boring narratives and stereotypes. It goes without saying that I find the few people that own and thus control this media, like the Koch Brothers and Rupert Murdoch, to be insane narrow minded dimwits. They literally put me to sleep. What bores the socks off me is when elections are taking place and the media depicts Republicans and Democrats as being black and white. The consistency between the parties gets ignored, for instance, time isn’t spent showing how they are both bought out by corporate America. Instead the American public gets it beaten into them that one party might be prochoice and the other is antichoice. Questions about where tax money will get spent don’t even make the radar. Major bore.


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