Forbearing Optimism

This is in response to the Photo Prompt of the week: Optimistic

This week show us something you’re optimistic about


We’d been out there in the desert hiking for 7 days. We were in Northern Territory, Australia hiking the Larapinta Trail. We still had 2 weeks to go and I was having an absolute blast. The food drops along the way would cost us about $400 so we cashed in on my Yankee Thrift and decided to lug 20 days worth of food on our backs. Thank Gandhi our base weight was ultralight. But then there were those sections a few days earlier where we had no water for over a day and had to lug several kilos of the liquid gold.

Something was wrong with my knee. It had been bad since day one. The pain hit me like a bolt in the middle of the freezing night. Our plane had gotten in at noon, but with the bus we weren’t able to walk from Alice Springs to the start of our hike until 3pm. It was winter which meant the sun set at around 6:30pm. We knew we had to hike 17km to the first camp spot. Pitch black we found ourselves scrambling on the trail, in some parts a sheer cliff face was a foot away. We took our time and descended. I tore the meniscus in my knee on that night. That was day 1. This picture was taken on day 7. Optimistic is a great word to describe how I look.

The next day after 5 hours of painful but absolutely stunning descent we would arrive at our mossie infested camping spot and I would officially throw out my back to the point of being unable to stand at first, and then eventually only with spasming agonizing pain. Two days later my partner pushed my sunburnt body through the airport in a wheelchair. I hate crying in public but the relentless spasming brought tears. It was here that the optimism had run its course.

Here are some more pics from our trip:






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